Android choosing Image from Camera or Gallery with Crop Functionality

Android tutorial about choosing the image from camera or gallery with cropping functionality. An example of Instagram UI is with profile image explained.

How to Integrate Emojis Keyboard in Android App

Emojis 😛 are amazing way to express our feeling and deliver our thoughts that people with different languages can understand it. This article explains how to integrate emojis…

How to create REST API for Android App using PHP, Slim and MySQL – PART 2/2

Tutorial about building a REST Api using PHP, Slim and MySQL. An example of rest api for simple task manager android app is explained.

How to create REST API for Android App using PHP, Slim and MySQL – PART 1/2

Tutorial about creating a simple REST API for mobile applications using PHP, MySQL and Slim framework. An of example of android task manager application is demonstrated.

Android RecyclerView Swipe To Delete And Undo

Android tutorial about adding swipe to delete and undo delete functionalities to RecyclerView. This can be achieved using ItemTouchHelper.SimpleCallback.

Android Swipe Down to Refresh ListView Using Volley JSON

Android tutorial about implementing swipe down to refresh list view. Explained with an example of fetching JSON and shown in list view.

Android Login Registration using PHP MySQL and SQLite Database

how to build complete login and registration system in android using PHP, MySQL and SQLite. Also this tutorial covers how to build simple API using PHP and MySQL

Android Intro Slider | Android Welcome Screen

Adding Welcome / Intro screens in your app is a great way of showcasing the major features of the app. To demonstrate, I am creating a simple app that contains few intro slides…

Android Splash Screen

Tutorial about How to add initial screen on your android app with correct Approach. i explain two approach in this tutorial.

Android Static Login Using Shared Preferences

Tutorial about maintaining user sessions in your android application. Session is implemented using application shared preferences.

Android Glide Image Library Tutorial

Android tutorial about integrating super fast Glide image library in your app. Explained with a gallery app with grid view and fullscreen image slider.

Android Custom ListView with Image and Text using Volley

Tutorial about customizing android list view with image and text using volley networking library. List data is fetched by making a json call and shown in listview.